Rewards program

Do you know our rewards program and its benefits?

That's right, in Calza Fino we have a rewards system where the more actions of the list you complete, the more points you'll get and use to obtain benefits such as discounts on your purchases.

Learn more about how it works and make the most of the benefits we offer you:

How do you earn points?

  • You earn 1 point per each $10.00 of purchase. 

The most important:

You don't need to buy to earn points, there are several ways you can earn points by interacting in social media before your first purchase, as for example:

-Create an account in our store: The only thing you have to do is register as a client, fill the data and that's it. By creating an account you won't only accumulate points but also place orders faster, save more than one address, track your orders and more.

-Share products on social media from our website: At the top of the page you'll find the share buttons, by clicking them you'll automatically be redirected to your social media so you can share the product in your feed with your friends.

-Create reviews of our products: You can write them by clicking on the product you want to review and going to the "Opinions" section that is below "More Information".

To win the points, interactions must be made from our webpage and with your user login. The following image shows where you can find the aforementioned sections:

* Limits to the maximum daily points can be imposed, but don't be discouraged, if you login daily, with time you will win more points.

How much is each point?

One point represents a dollar.

How can I use my points?

Points can be used at the time of placing an order. You can obtain a maximum of 20% discount on the total value. For example, if you buy $100, the maximum number of points you can use is 20.


To earn and use your points it is necessary to log in to your client account of our store before doing any of the activities mentioned in this article. In your account, you'll keep a record of the earned points.

In which store are the points valid?

The rewards program is valid in all our stores except for Perfumes. 

How much time I have to use my points?

The points expire after 90 days, this time starts from the moment you earn the points and they're registered into your account.

Now that you know our rewards program...

Don't miss the opportunity to start collecting points to use in your purchases!

If you're a new user, you can click here to register.

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**Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.