Colorimetry test

Have you heard of the term colorimetry? Knowing our hair, skin, and eyes color are of the utmost importance since this way we can get the most out of the garments and accessories we buy, choosing the ones that look the best on us and the ones that make us stand out.

That is why today we have a colorimetry test, so you discover what your season is and learn how to create outfits and makeup that favor you according to your physique:

Let's start with: What is colorimetry?

It is the study of color in fashion for three objectives: find what suits you, create harmony in your outfits and person and enhance your look.

A person who knows its colorimetry can:

  • Brighten the look of its skin

  • Hide imperfections

  • Create flattering outfits 100% transmit its essence

  • Learn to shop smart

Ready to start the test? Discover the 4 seasons and analyze which one you identify with the most:

Tip before starting: analyze yourself in an environment with natural light, and without makeup, so that the result is as successful as possible.

First season: Summer

Do you have soft features? Is your skin fair and even-toned? Do you consider yourself to be in the cold range?

Then probably summer is your season, read on, and if your physical characteristics match the descriptions given, you can be sure that you belong to this group:

Physical characteristics

  • Hair: blond, brown or with natural highlights.

  • Eyes: brown or light (blue, green, gray).

  • Skin: pinkish tone, pale and delicate in appearance.

The colors that suit you

Cold colors, neutral tones and pink, bluish and gray pastels.

Our recommendations

1.- Buy neutrals to brighten your skin and radiate positivity, optimism and femininity.

2.- Mini prints also look good on you.

3.- Avoid earth tones (brown, orange, mustard) as they make you look tired.

4.- If you are going to use tones outside of those mentioned, let them be at the bottom.

5.- Use silver, rose gold or blue accessories.

Second season: Autumn

Do your veins have a greenish hue? Are your features very defined? Do you transmit warmth?

These questions are defined by autumn. If you are not sure if you are autumn, you can continue with the test to confirm:

Physical characteristics
  • Hair: brown, reddish, chocolate or golden blonde.

  • Eyes: brown or of light but intense colors.

  • Skin: with golden or orange hues.

The colors that suit you

Warm and intense colors such as brown, mustard, orange or army green.

Our recommendations

1.- Do not use cold colors, as they turn off the light on your face and mark your expression lines.

2.- Use jewelry in gold, yellow or wood.

3.- Always have a sand-colored garment, which will combine with everything and will be your ally.

4.- The colors that best suit you should be close to your face.

5.- Always add a touch of color.

Third season: Winter

Do you have strong and intense features? Contrast and defined? Don't you suffer changes in your skin when doing sports or when the temperature changes?

If the answers were yes, then winter is your season. People who belong to this group have these physical characteristics:

Physical characteristics
  • Hair: dark brown, red, chocolate or very light blonde.

  • Eyes: blue, green, brown or black but intense.

  • Skin: golden with orange hues. Olive, greyish beige, pinkish beige, white, very light with gray freckles.

The colors that suit you

Vivid colors in shades of blue, pink and silver.

Our recommendations

1.- Golden colors make your skin look yellowish or tired, avoid them. Also, bright colors favor you more than pastel ones.

2.- You are the station with the best neutrals: black, white, gray, blue. Take advantage of them to create a classic wardrobe that never goes out of style.

3.- Add a touch of color in valentino red, electric blue or emerald green.

4.- Wear your colors close to the face. Wear layers like scarves, vests, sweaters.

5.- The accessories that favor you the most are silver accessories, white diamonds, stones in shades of ruby ​​red, emerald green or sapphire blue.

Fourth season: Spring

Do you have delicate features? Does your skin turn pink very easily? Do you belong to the warm range?

Spring is probably your season. One way to identify if this is your colorimetry is by looking at your colors:

Physical characteristics
  • Hair: light blond or golden, yellow blond, honey or raspberry or red. Also included are chestnut and browns with golden features, golden gray and cream white.

  • Eyes: blue with white stripes, light blue, grayish steel blue, green with golden spots, light green, aqua green, teal and golden brown.

  • Skin: with freckles of ivory or peach tones that are altered with changes in temperature.

The colors that suit you

Warm colors oranges and pinks, yellowish blues, greens.

Our recommendations

1.- Very light or dark colors turn off your face. Warm, bright hues look good on you.

2.- Glossy effect makeup favors and rejuvenates you a lot.

3.- Your neutral colors are ivory, sand, light beige, camel, golden brown, warm light gray, stewardess blue and coral (NOT black and white).

4.- Satin fabrics like silk, chiffon or velvets look good on you.

5.- Use jewelry in gold, turquoise and coral.

You have reached the end of the colorimetry test! Did you manage to find which station you belong to? Tell us, we want to hear from you. We hope this information serves you to start thinking more about your purchases and wardrobe, choosing the colors that best suit you.

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