Shipping Details


     How long will it take to get your product?

Most of the products are sent from California and occasionally from Texas, Georgia or Chicago depending on your address
within the first 24 hours of receiving the order. If you are
within California, you might receive your product within 1 or 2 business days. For the rest of the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico you can
expect your product to arrive within 3 to 6 business days. 

If your desired product is from the brand "Andrea" or "Ferrato" it might take up to 8 days for us to send your product and it might take
up to 15 days for you to receive it. This is because all merchandise from these two brands come
directly from México and it might take a little bit of time to be sent from California.

If you ordered multiple products, you might receive the products in a big box or at separate times. This is due to the fact that we might ship
your products from different locations.

We recommend the creation of  an account with us before purchasing any product, this is for us to be able to give you a personalized
experience and being able to support you in case you face any issues. 

     Can i track the product?

Yes, you can. Once you make your order, you will receive a tracking number and a link via e-mail within the first 24 hours of making the order
so that you can see all the information you need and the exact day you will receive your product. 

We highly advise you to download the mobile app from the shipping company that was assigned for your product
and check the shipping information as the time of arrival gets close. You will receive a notification once the product
has been delivered, so if you do not receive your product the day and the moment the app says it was supposed to be delivered please
contact the shipping  company number that comes in the link we sent you.

The shipping insurance will not apply if the product was left outside your door and it was stolen.

     Do i apply for free shipping?

You do if your order is $75 USD or more (This promo might change in the future ).

     Can i receive my product at a PO Box?

Absolutely, the shipping would be through USPS and it does not apply for free shipping.

     What if i need to return my product?

You can return it as long as:

  • The product is clean, has all the tags and bar codes, has not been used and is inside its original package. Products like lingerie, perfumes, catalogs, night dresses or any product that specifically has this exception on the brief description of the product does not apply and you can not  return the product. 
  • If you are returning shoes, it must be due to manufacturing defects or because you would like to change the size. 


Shipping costs are non - refundable. And there might be a charge that is 10% (Minimum of $10.00) of the value of the product for the concept
of Return Processing Expenses (Restocking Fee).

     Where and how do i return the product?

You must contact our customer service at 1.916.760.7208 within 15 days after your product has been shipped to inform us that you want
to return the product and the reason why you want do so in order to be given further instructions.  


To make a return, DO NOT use the address that comes in the package label you received. You must wait for instructions and an additional address. The address you receive will be the one you'll use to process your return.

     What if we do not have your product?

We cannot guarantee the availability of all products showed on site, if the order goes through and we do not have your desired product we will contact you not more than 24 hours after you made the order and see if you would want to try a similar product or simply cancel your order. 

     Who do we ship with?

For most of our orders, UPS will deliver your product. If we use another shipping service, we will let you know within the e-mail you receive after purchasing the product.