About Us

Calza Fino is a retail online store specializing in high-quality Mexican products such as cowboy boots, work boots, clothing, charro accessories, and much more. Since 2002, we have brought the best from the Mexican industry to the Latino community in the United States of America, Canada, and Puerto Rico. We distribute well-known brands such as Andrea, Establo, El General, El Canelo, and White Diamonds.
The idea of creating Calza Fino started taking shape when our founder, Nicolas Lopez, upon arriving in the United States, bought a pair of shoes that got worn out after just a week of use. At that moment, he thought of the quality of products from the Mexican industry and started selling products from the highly recognized brand Andrea through catalog sales. He received a great response from the Hispanic community in California, which allowed him to grow his business to what it is today.

The rich history of our company: from western boots to so much more!

As the company grew, Calza Fino transitioned from operating at a popular indoor flea market in 2006 to its first retail store in 2007. However, in 2008, the company took a big hit with the financial crisis and the retail store had to close down.
At that moment, the company started taking its first steps in the eCommerce scene with sales through eBay and other similar pages. This allowed Calza Fino to reach a broader audience across the United States and the growth has been constant ever since.
In 2011, Calza Fino launched its online store with an extensive catalog of products for direct sales to customers. The philosophy behind Calza Fino is to stay true to the family business with low prices and without sacrificing the quality of the distributed products. New products are added month after month and we update our lines of communication with the customers to make sure that their needs are being met.
Besides the shoe and clothing brands, Calza Fino has a specialized online store for the sale of Original Designer  Perfumes at wholesale prices. Among other things, one of our main goals is to bring you the latest styles of western boots for men and women of the best quality at a lower price, directly from Mexico. Other products, such as clothing and accessories, are fabricated in the USA, Colombia, and other countries.