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  1. How to clean and condition exotic leather

    How to clean and condition exotic leather

    POV: You just bought an exotic leather item and you realized it needs more care than your teeth.  

    Some of the most common concerns that come up when someone gets new exotic leather shoes, boots, belts, or even purses, are often about how to properly take care of them. Some question if the type of cleaner or conditioner change depending on the leather they bought. Another one is if they have to find the best exotic leather conditioner for it to work or not. Or if they need a conditioner specifically for Ostrich leather, or for Crocodile leather, Stingray, Lizard, etc...

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  2. Western gifts for cowboys that they actually want 2022

    Cowboy riding a horse

    Buying a gift for a cowboy or a cowgirl is not as easy as some people might think, but there are a couple of things that can't go wrong. While looking to get someone a gift whether for their birthday...

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  3. Choose the perfect Christmas gift for women: Product Guide

    Christmas gifts for women

    Choosing the ideal gift for a woman, be it mom, sister, wife, grandmother, etc. can be a difficult task. With so many people to give gifts to and so many online shopping options, it can be frustrating...

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  4. Christmas Gifts for Men: Options for less than $50

    Christmas Gifts for Men: Options for less than $50

    Buying Christmas gifts is no easy task. In today's blog, we give you Christmas gift options for men. Whether for dad, brother, grandfather, husband or son, here you can discover the most original gifts...

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  5. 5 tips to get the most out of Black Friday

    Black Friday

    Black Friday is just around the corner, that great shopping day where, finding good deals, we can buy those products we need while saving money. However, there are businesses that take advantage of this...

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  6. 5 reasons to buy artisanal

    artisan mexican clothing

    Handmade clothing and accessories are undoubtedly highly recognized for their unique and fun designs, but is there any reason other than a simple purchase? What contributions do we make by consuming artisanal...

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  7. Mental Health: Awareness and Importance during Pandemic

    The importance of mental health in times of pandemic

    Human beings are social beings, and the pandemic came to give a radical 180 ° turn to our lives and stay. Because not only did it represent a disease like any other, but it represented an interruption...

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  8. 5 tips to take care of your clothes to make them last longer

    5 tips to take care of your clothes to make them last longer

    Buying a garment requires an investment and money on our part, and without a doubt what we least want is for it to stop serving or break in a few washes and outings. Taking proper care of your clothes...

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  9. Fashion trends: Autumn - Winter 2021- 2022

    fashion trends autumn winter

    Year after year, trends are in charge of dictating where fashion will go, and what people will wear in terms of clothing, colors and styles. All this is not by chance, but is inspired by current problems...

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  10. Cowboy Hats Guide - What You Should Know

    cowboy hats

    The cowboy hat has become a true emblem of the western world. Beyond an accessory, they are the perfect complement to any look and from which you can get a lot of benefits. We bring you a complete guide...

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  11. Western Entertainment - Books, Movies, Museums

    national day of the cowboy

    With the National Day of the Cowboy around the corner (24th July), we want you to celebrate by embracing your inner cowboy.  That's why we'll give you some recommendations of movies, books, tours, and...

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  12. Colorimetry test - What colors look best on you?

    Colorimetry test

    Have you heard of the term colorimetry? Knowing our hair, skin, and eyes color are of the utmost importance since this way we can get the most out of the garments and accessories we buy, choosing the ones...

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