Cowboy riding a horse

Buying a gift for a cowboy or a cowgirl is not as easy as some people might think, but there are a couple of things that can't go wrong. While looking to get someone a gift whether for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or even for Valentine's day…

Keep in mind that the right gift needs:

    • A color that this particular person wears pretty often, will ensure that he is comfortable wearing it and won't go unworn. If you are unsure of the colors they wear, a neutral color works well.
    • To be real leather. Whether it is an exotic like stingray, crocodile, caiman, pirarucu, lizard, shark ostrich, or even traditional types like cowhide, suede, nubuck, calfskin, goatskin, or kangaroo. Just make sure that it is 100% leather and if it is…you can trust us when we say that he will absolutely fall in love with it. 
    • To match his style. When getting someone a wearable gift style is everything. Take a moment and ask yourself… Will they be able to wear this with more than 1 or 2 combinations of clothes? If your gut answer is yes then you should probably go with it, but if it takes you a lot of time to come up with the answer then we need to keep looking. 
  • If you're unsure it is safe to buy based on the neverending trends. Here we have compiled some of our research-based basics for 2022.

    These gift options are for those cowboys who spend their days at the race track.

    Exotic Leather Caps

    Starting off with a high-end hat option. If you are looking to go all in and really impress this person, trust us... An exotic leather cap will do it. Although a traditional leather cap will in fact get a great response, going with a non-traditional, exotic one will certainly get you more points. A quality exotic cap is impressive as it is, and it will really send the message that you thought about them while selecting their gift. They can be incredibly useful and can easily last up to 5 years when cared for properly.

    Chelsea Leather Boots

    “Leather ankle boots”, “leather Chelsea leather boots”, “botines charros de piel” or however you might know them.  They are some of the go-to's when a cowboy wants to dress up. They can be worn with nearly any outfit and are extremely comfortable. Ideal for special events but can also be worn daily, as well. And remember… if you get the right style and color he will be able to wear them with almost every outfit and occasion. We carry so many of these at CalzaFino, in a wide variety of options for all styles. We also carry them in exotic styles, in case you want to gift him a truly unique and unforgettable boot.

    Leather Polainas

    These are called “Polainas” or "Chaparreras", they are worn around the calves and both men and women use them. Typically when riding,  training, and competing in horse races. And oftentimes people wear them because... Why not? they look incredible and exude Western style. My grandpa had one of these and if I can be honest, they made him look incredible. You could tell they gave him such a boost of confidence when he wore them... These are special because they can be seen as a signature mark of the rider.;

    Cowboy / Western Leather Boots

    A pair of killer leather boots are never unappreciated. We carry them in all types of leather too, like cowhide, ostrich, snake, stingray, crocodile, caiman, pirarucu, lizard, shark, and probably anything else you can think of!. CalzaFino has many types of boots with really cool designs, you have to check them out because they can be really stylish and convenient when being at the race track, working, or for day-to-day use.

    Sombreros - Cowboy hat

    And in case you didn't think about this one already... I want to reassure you that cowboy hats are a must for any cowboy, they are just the coolest thing they can wear and they provide amazing protection for those long days under the sun. The fact is, even you will want one after seeing one of these in person.

    Cowboy Shirt

    A nice Western shirt like the ones shown below is absolutely necessary for every cowboy's closet, there is no such thing as too many shirts! So you can't go wrong with adding one of these to their wardrobe. The trick to choosing the right shirt might be the color you thought of at the start of the blog plus a simple but elegant design.

    The bottom line...

    You should take the time to check all the options we have for the cowboy in your life because I am telling will be amazed. There are definitely amazing options for every price range, all kinds of designs and styles.