Christmas gifts for women

Choosing the ideal gift for a woman, be it a mom, sister, wife, grandmother, etc. can be a difficult task. With so many people to give gifts to and so many online shopping options, it can be frustrating not knowing what to give to everyone. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

In this blog, we give you a gift guide for women for the whole family. Discover options for mom, grandmother, daughter, and more along with the reasons why that gift option will delight them. What you need to give with the heart and the best, adjusting to your budget:

For Mom

What can we say about Mom, is the perfect example of unconditional love, constant effort, and dedication. Without her, we wouldn’t be right here, planning to celebrate these holidays. Even though you probably show her your love every day, there’s no better way to let her know that you think about her and what she likes than by choosing a gift that represents her personality.

That’s why today we bring you an option that you will surely love: A Mexican artisanal blouse! Color, tradition, passion, and history in one fashion garment that will give your mom style and make her feel the most beautiful on this planet. We chose black as it is a timeless color and it makes the patterns and embroidery stand out impressively.

For Wife or Girlfriend

For you, surely your wife or girlfriend is the most beautiful woman on this planet along with your mom. The ideal gift for her should be something that makes her look sensual and at the same time favors her, making her look more beautiful than she already is.

A perfect gift is this handmade dress in fuchsia color. The flowers make it look modern and the elegant high collar, is the perfect combination for a versatile garment that you can wear on any occasion: going to eat, shopping, walks, and more.

Another idea is an elegant blouse so she can use it at the Christmas or New Year dinner. This model is one of our favorites, as the fabric is thin and has glitter details to highlight, in addition to its waist cut greatly favors the silhouette. And the best: It comes in several colors! Find them here.

Christmas gifts for women

For Sister

If you have a sister, you know what loyalty, trust, and love mean. This Christmas, the best thing would be to give her something useful but at the same time youthful, and fashionable.  A pair of artisanal huaraches in natural color, which are the perfect element to combine with any outfit and use on any occasion for comfort, quality, and versatility.

For Daughter

Although when we talk about daughters, can go from the most adolescent to the most adult, a gift that works for most are accessories. On this occasion, we offer you this artisanal bag made of cambaya in black to give with the heart. Eye-catching colors, unique and fashionable design. This bag is ideal to wear with neutral color outfits to make it the accessory that highlights and elevates the look. Besides that, like all the handicraft items on our site, it is handmade with a lot of effort and love, and we are sure that your daughter will appreciate that.

For Friend

We all have unconditional friends, those who have shown us to be there no matter what happens, so they can not stay outside when making the gift list.;A special and complete option is this perfume set Nude by Rihanna, which includes 3.4 oz of fragrance + 3 oz of body lotion, and . 33 oz mini spray. She’ll love it!

Christmas gifts for women

For Grandma

There is no person more special in the world than our grandmother. The one that since childhood has pampered us, giving us always the best and all the affection. If your grandmother likes to cook, we have the perfect gift for her today: An artisanal kitchen apron!

We love this design because it has the very famous Frida Kahlo in a unique design with eye-catching colors. We are sure that your grandmother will love it and will be the number one choice when it comes to cooking for an enjoyable and magical day. You can even share various recipes and cook together one day to make the most special gift.

For Aunt

That sister of your mom or dad, who considers herself one of the family without being as strict as your parents, also deserves something special. That’s why we bring you two ideas to give this Christmas.

Option number 1, a pair of handcrafted earrings, in her favorite color. With a divine design and striking colors, they are the perfect complement to give style and highlight beauty.

Option number 2, is a perfume. And what better option than Spirit Millionaire Lomani: Floral and citrus to give all the freshness at an excellent price. Its orange blossom, apple, Egyptian jasmine, rose, musk, vanilla and raspberry notes will surely delight your aunt. You can purchase it by clicking here.

Christmas gifts for women

For kids

Looking for gifts for the girls of the house? At Calza Fino we also have gifts to pamper them, because of course, you can not forget them, they are the most important. Here are some of our favorites:

 You have reached the end of the list of gifts for women for this Christmas! What did you think? Did you find what you were looking for?

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