Assortment of exotic leathers, highlighting different textures and colors

Explore the diverse world of exotic leathers with which boots, purses, hats, and belts can be made. That's right, and each of them has different production processes as well as characteristics once the product is finished. Depending on the qualities you are looking for and your preferred appearance, it is the type of leather that is best for you to buy.

Do you know the differences between each type? How do you know what type of leather is best for you to buy?

Learn about some of the main types of exotic leathers and their characteristics and learn to recognize them and identify the best option for you:

Discover the world's most valued leather, renowned for its exclusivity and elegance. since its high price is due to its limited number of licenses for commercialization, in addition to its high import costs, and it's a skin that is difficult to find. It comes from the best and most exclusive tanneries and its production represents less than 1% of the total leather available.

In general, the engravings on this leather are pronounced and extensive, giving them a unique and elegant texture. Crocodile leather is thick and very durable. To make shoes, the belly is used mainly because it's an area with a greater amount of skin and is easier to work with. 

The most suitable skin for the upper part of a shoe is the young crocodile's. The older the animal, the tougher its skin will be and the more difficult it will be to work as there are high chances that its scales will break. Interesting!

The alligator product is wild and equally elegant. It is quite a popular leather due to its high gloss finish and rich, deep colors. The basic colors are black, chestnut, or burgundy, although pastels and even white leather are available. Products made from this leather are considered sufficiently strong, durable, beautiful, and noble.

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Its texture is elegant, with small scales and a striking pattern. This leather provides high versatility and durability. The extended skin of a lizard occupies an area of ​​1 m2, therefore, to make a pair of shoes it is necessary to have the skin of at least 3 or 4 lizards.

* Tip to purchase: The lizard is not that flexible, so if you are going to buy boots made of this skin, it's important to make sure that they fit correctly when you try them for the first time and to know your measurements very well to buy the correct size.

Python is a soft skin with scales, delicate and flexible. Its spectacular natural patterns give luxury and detail to any product. It becomes more beautiful over time as its scales open naturally and the skin becomes softer and more moldable.

The ostrich leather is very soft and has a pearly effect due to the traces of the bird's plumage, which gives it beauty and originality. This leather also contains natural oils that help prevent cracking or drying if properly cared for.

In addition, it's flexible and waterproof leather, so it lasts over time and offers maximum comfort. It has a pattern of points in its entirety, which corresponds to the follicles from which the feathers are born.

Would you like to know everything about the ostrich leather production process and its environmental impact? We leave you this article that may interest you.

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Known for its durability and unique appearance, stingray leather has excellent texture, strength, and intense color. The stingray leather has distinctive protrusions such as "the spine", which represents that characteristic white mark that can be found in the products made with it.

This giant fish, the largest freshwater fish in South America, produces a high amount of leather compared to other fish in the same category. Its leather offers high resistance, durability, flexibility, and originality, although it requires a lot of experience and work by hand. This type of skin is characterized by its scaly appearance and unique design.

The pirarucu is a fish whose skin production generates a great economic and social impact since it benefits the communities near the Amazon. Find out all about it by clicking here. 

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This leather is one of the strongest and most resistant, although less used than the rest. It must be treated with special care and the effect on the product can be observed with betas in black, gray, and brown tones. This leather is rough and rugged, but it can last a lifetime as it does not show the usual wear and tear.

Choosing the right exotic leather is an investment in beauty and quality but it is a worthwhile investment, as the beauty, quality, design, exclusivity, and durability are unmatched.

Acquiring exotic leather boots, belts, caps or wallets guarantees a quality product that will last you for a long time with the proper care, in addition to the fact that each product is unique since it is handcrafted and based on natural leather, the patterns are completely different from one item to another.

"Each leather article is unique, no creation looks like another"

Those were the main types of exotic skins and their characteristics, we hope this information will help you learn to recognize each one at a glance and notice their qualities.

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