In this section, you will learn more about the origin of places, cultures, rituals, costumes, and traditions of Mexico and the world.

  1. Western gifts for cowboys that they actually want

    Cowboy riding a horse

    Buying a gift for a cowboy or a cowgirl is not as easy as some people might think, but there are a couple of things that can't go wrong. While looking to get someone a gift whether for their birthday...

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  2. History of a garment: jeans

    History of a garment: jeans
    Jeans have been an element that has become a must in any wardrobe, a symbol of comfort and style. Has it always been like that? Or was it created for other purposes? Learn about the history of jeans and...
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  3. History of Tex-Mex cuisine

    cocina tex-mex
    Do you know Tex-Mex cuisine? Tex-Mex food is often confused with Mexican but we never take the time to think deeper about its origin, characteristics and what makes it so popular. That's why today we...
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  4. The legend of the Coita Werewolf

    The legend of the Coita Werewolf
    In a faraway town in Mexico called Coita, located at the top of a hill, a mysterious creature decides to appear on the streets to cause panic and terror to its habitants. 3 meters tall, with excessive...
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  5. The origins of the cowboy

    The origins of the cowboy

    The cowboy image has become a popular American icon, represented in many western movies created by Hollywood. Nevertheless, beyond what the screen shows, its real origins tell us another version…Did...

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