cowboy boots fashion

It isn’t a secret that cowboy boots for men have been on the rise for a few years. Both the fashion industry and Hollywood stars and movies have fallen for their eye-catching designs, colors, and exotic leathers such as ostrich and serpent.

Cowboy boots were created for work at farms, that’s why they still preserve their squared heel that adjusts to the stapes or that they don’t have laces to prevent from tangling in case of fall. Also, they have a sharp point that gives them elegance and style.

If you want to enhance your look with cowboy boots, we will give you tips that will help you combine them and create outfits where masculinity and fashion stand out:

Tip #1 – Pieces per look

If you plan to wear cowboy outfits outside the rodeo and ranch context, it is important to avoid looking like you have a cowboy costume, that’s why we recommend you wear a maximum of one or two cowboy pieces per outfit.

Cowboy wear is colorful and unique, so make sure to make the most of your look and choose the main piece that will be the determinant for the rest of your choices. Try the rest of your items to be neutral or single-colored, to balance your image and highlight your cowboy products.  

Tip #2 – Color pallet and patterns

If you want to draw attention and look fashionable, you must pay attention to the colors of each clothing piece you use if you don’t want to have a messy look.

Respecting the golden fashion rules, choose a three maximum number of main colors that will dominate your look. We give you some options:

  • Blue – White – Brown
  • Brown – Red – Denim
  • Blue – Beige – Brown
  • Gray – Blue – Red.

Also, wearing black and white never goes out of style and goes perfectly with any other color.

If your boots have patterns:

Try to use the colors of your patterns. For example, if your boots have brown and yellow, you can use a yellow t-shirt and brown hat, to create harmony and accentuate the colors.

How do you combine cowboy boots?

There are pieces that by excellence go well with cowboy boots, as they're a powerful combination. Here we give you some ideas on how you can style your cowboy boots:


  • Shirts: If you want an elegant style, try wearing a shirt (single color or plaid). They look good with jeans or formal pants and give you an elevated look without too much effort.
  • T-shirts: These are perfect for a casual, relaxed look. The recommendation is to choose a single-color T-shirt without any logo and pair it with jeans for the classic style.
  • Denim jacket: The material that pairs the best with cowboy boots. You can combine them in many ways, using all denim (jacket + jeans) or formal pants.
  • Sport Jackets: If you want to transform a casual to an elegant look you just need this item. You can wear it with T-shirts or shirts underneath and the result will be a sophisticated outfit.


  • Jeans: Jeans and cowboy boots are a natural combination for almost every look. Wear them with a white t-shirt to create an easy outfit that is suitable for drinking with friends or walking at the park.
  • Formal pants: You can use them for special occasions like weddings or with a casual suit. The riskiest can try wearing them with a pair of black boots and a formal suit for a business meeting.
  • Khakis: If you want an in-between outfit, this piece of clothing can help you. Their light colors will help enhance your boots and can be versatile for the day or night.


  • Belt: You can choose between a sober leather one or an exotic one made from leather or crocodile to elevate your outfits.
  • Hats: The perfect complement for the cowboy style, however, sometimes it can be too much. Wear it on rodeos, country music concerts, and dancing night-outs.


Cowboy boots will give you style and personality. If you combine correctly this type of footwear, you’ll stand out wherever you go. We hope this guide serves you as a starting point to plan your looks and wear your beautiful boots as best as possible. Having a defined style not only helps to enhance your personality but also gives you security, comfort, and happiness, so stop wasting time and start making the most of your closet!

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