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We welcome you to the section where you’ll find information on the most relevant current issues as well as reflections that will make you question the problems that we face as a society in matters of education, culture, politics and more.
  1. Tips to raise a bilingual child at home

    Raising bilingual children can be a difficult decision to make. However, it has been proven that learning languages ​​will bring an advantage to children who speak them. That is why today we will give...
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  2. Pirarucu leather: Economic and social impact

    Regulated and controlled exploitation brings many advantages at an economic and social level, and pirarucu is one of those cases. Did you know in Calza Fino we have products made from pirarucu? Learn more...
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  3. Environmental impact of ostrich leather production.

    Ostrich leather impact
    Even if ostrich skin is one of the most sold exotic leathers worldwide, destined for the confection of high-end clothes such as boots, jackets, belts and wallets; the majority of people don't know the...
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  4. Why learn a second language? Benefits of being bilingual.

    Benefits of bilingualism
    We live in a global, interconnected era. Speaking another language has become an indispensable tool to progress, however, the importance of a bilingual society it's not recognized enough. Being bilingual...
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  5. The culture of education: Consent

    Sexual consent
    Consent. A forgotten term, not taught. The base of each interpersonal relation and the beginning of every violation and abuse of rights. Is it as easy as saying "no"? The concept of consent seems obvious...
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  6. Women must keep fighting: International Women's Day

    Women must keep fighting: International Women's Day
    March 8, International Women’s Day is just around the corner, and unfortunately, it isn’t a day to celebrate, it’s a date to reflect and keep fighting. Issues such as gender violence, labor inequality...
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  7. Is multiculturalism in everyone?

    Is multiculturalism in everyone
    We live in the global age, where, contrary to past times, there is an ever-growing mix of cultures. This has generated many advantages, however, everything has its downside. It is a fact that a person...
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