Christmas Gifts for Men: Options for less than $50

Buying Christmas gifts is no easy task. We have many things in mind when looking for what to give: the person's likes, gift options, in which stores we could find it, the budget; and how much in advance we should see it. The best idea is to think about it as soon as possible, to make sure you show that special person real love and appreciation. 

In today's article, we give you Christmas gift options for men. Whether for dad, brother, grandfather, husband, or son, here you can discover the most original gifts and the reasons why you should buy them, so you can decide if the description of that product goes with the person. Find variety for all likes and styles by staying within budget: $50. Read on for the list:

For Dad

Dad is definitely a very special person, and that’s why he deserves the best: as a thank you for all the sacrifice he gives throughout the year and for unconditional love. To surprise him, a great gift idea is to give him a fashion item that is stylish and timeless. This way he will get the most out of it and use it for a long time.

The selection we have for him this Christmas is a cowboy belt in white color: elegant, classic, and indispensable. Although in our shop you will find a variety of colors and styles, white combines with any garment and can be adapted for both day and night.  

You can complete the gift with a hat also in white but with details in brown to finish enhancing the cowboy style. Accessories that can be used separately but that together form the perfect combination. Confidence and personality, all in one.

For siblings

Adult siblings, whether older or younger, will always own a special place in our hearts. Accomplices of adventures and the best-giving advice and protecting when you need it. Therefore, they deserve something emotional, that they can take everywhere and show that you know them perfectly. And what better option than a perfume?  

A great option is the Dunhill Pursuit set, which includes a 2.5 oz perfume and a 5 oz aftershave cream. Woody, with notes of amber, sandalwood, and incense perfect for this winter season. A complete and ideal gift for energetic and charming personalities. You can purchase it by clicking here.

Dunhill Pursuit, set perfume men

For couple

Whether boyfriend or husband, the couple is certainly also a special person, who has shown us respect, trust, and unconditional support. Depending on the type of person, we bring you two different options:

If he is a business person who spends time dressing up elegantly, a great option is a formal pair of shoes. These Oxford ferratos brown dress shoes are a classic to show presence and confidence in looks. With a formal design and is made in Mexico with the best quality that guarantees its duration.

If he is a slightly more casual person, a great gift can be a denim shirt in plain colors. Blue, red, beige, gray, and more. Choose the color that goes with his personality. With this selection, you will be sure that it will be a gift that he can use on any occasion: a meal at a restaurant, an afternoon at the mall, or a night with friends.

For grandfather

A grandfather gives us love, wisdom, and experience. His style is undoubtedly classic, the fruit of the time in which he was born, and that remained faithful to the trends of his time.  

The best gift you can give him is a set. But not just anyone, but a complete one that represents its elegance in the design. The set of Christian Audigier is ideal to give to a grandfather: a spray of 3.4 oz + a mini . 25 oz + 3 oz body wash + 2.75 oz bar deodorant.

What makes this set special is that the aromas are inspired by marriage and mutual love. The aromas of blackberry, grapefruit, pear, rum, cinnamon, and saffron complement each other perfectly and give a unique personality to the fragrance and anyone who uses it. You can purchase it by clicking here.

Christian Audigier by Christian Audigier Gift Set 3.4 oz EDT Spray + 0.25 oz MIN EDT + 3 oz Body Wash + 2.75 Deodorant Stick

For uncle

An uncle can be seen as a brother or a dad. Those who are also mentors and give us advice without being so strict. They need to receive something that demonstrates that friendship, flexibility, fun, and firmness. A gift that they will love is a checkered jacket in black: casual but at the same time stylish and perfect for this season. Certainly, a garment he'll want to wear everywhere. Get it here: Chamarra A Cuadros 578 Black

Chamarra A Cuadros 578 Negra

For friends

To friends, although everyone has different personalities, a gift that never fails is a perfume set. Economical, complete, and perfect for all tastes.

The one we recommend is the Fcuk set containing a 3.4 oz perfume, a 6.7 oz aftershave cream, and a 6.7 oz shower gel. The perfume is aromatic with notes of lavender, rosemary, basil, vanilla, and patchouli. An ideal fragrance for relaxation and freshness.

Fcuk perfume set men

Remember that in our shop PerfumesCalzaFino you can find many more set options at unbeatable prices.

And here ends the list of Christmas gifts for men for less than $50! What did you think? Did you manage to find one for that special person? Don’t panic shopping, start looking for the perfect gift as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading us in Calza Fino. Remember that if you are looking for something special: cowboy clothes, handicrafts, perfumes, and more, you can contact us and we will gladly help you find the ideal gift. Don’t forget to follow Facebook to keep an eye on the latest in fashion.

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