Monthly Archives: March 2021

  1. Environmental impact of ostrich leather production.

    Ostrich leather impact
    Even if ostrich skin is one of the most sold exotic leathers worldwide, destined for the confection of high-end clothes such as boots, jackets, belts and wallets; the majority of people don't know the...
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  2. Why learn a second language? Benefits of being bilingual.

    Benefits of bilingualism
    We live in a global, interconnected era. Speaking another language has become an indispensable tool to progress, however, the importance of a bilingual society it's not recognized enough. Being bilingual...
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  3. Top 6 best cowboy boot brands

    Cowboy boots
    When buying shoes, we take into consideration factors like price, quality, materials and design to purchase the best option for our needs. And it isn’t different with boots. Today, we will show you 5 Mexican...
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