Ostrich leather impact

Even if ostrich skin is one of the most sold exotic leathers worldwide, destined for the confection of high-end clothes such as boots, jackets, belts, and wallets; the majority of people don't know the environmental impact its production generates. Ostrich's exploit generates a lower environmental impact than other animals. What are we fomenting besides the acquisition of a quality product?

Today, you'll learn everything behind the process of ostrich leather production and its environmental impact and discover why its skin is so recognized and appreciated in the luxury industry: 

Why are they considered efficient and productive?

Everything is usable from the ostrich: meat, skin, feathers, and eggs. In addition, it's an animal that lives for almost 80 years and with a low mortality rate of 1.5% in adulthood, since it is highly resistant to diseases.

Environmental impact

Did you know that raising an ostrich, compared to a bovine, generates less environmental impact? This is due to:

-Preserve the fauna of the area: Ostriches are not predatory animals, so there is no risk that they will kill neighboring species.

-The degree of soil compaction is lower: Ostriches weigh less than a bovine (120kgs vs 450kgs), and in addition, they are raised mostly on flat terrain and don't walk permanently on all ground, damaging less soil area and avoiding indentations caused by heavy footfalls on uneven terrain,

-Ostriches produce methane gas in low proportion due to their metabolism.

-Less water consumption: A bovine consumes up to 20% of water of its body weight compared to an ostrich, whose water consumption is less by 12%.

-Ostriches endure extreme weather conditions: Their physiology allows them to last up to three days without consuming water without affecting production and health, apart from the fact that they can be raised practically anywhere in the world, a situation that doesn't occur with cattle.

Leather production

Ostrich leather is distinguished by its pattern of empty feather follicles and requires a highly expensive and regulated process to obtain it. The ostrich on average generates between 1.2 and 2 square meters of skin, of which a third has this empty feather pattern, so chemical measurements must be precise to avoid errors and waste and produce a beautiful, finished skin.

The skin undergoes a process of more than 30 steps which are divided into three stages:

  1. Crude: The first stage in which the raw material is pre-soaked, cleaned, trimmed, weighed, and bathed in salt; later it's drained and hung.
  2. In bark: Here the sides are trimmed and the skin is stained and dried to produce the scab.
  3. Finished product: It begins with the conditioning to soften it and later the layout, the classification, measurement, labeling, and packaging.

Did you know that...?

The most valued part of the ostrich is the leg since it is very expensive as it has a similar texture to the skin of a viper and it is composed of a natural line of scales.


In addition to the lower environmental impact, it's a type of activity highly regulated by the institutions. Some of the requirements to be able to market ostrich products are:

-Register with the Ministry of the Environment (or the respective competent authority of each country) and comply with all environmental requirements.

-Have all the permits, documents, and environmental impact studies that guarantee the best care and use.

-Label the leathers and comply with the certifications and quality standards.

Behind your favorite products

Now that you know everything about your favorite shoes and accessories, you'll be able to appreciate even more what you're buying. Remember to always buy from renowned and certified brands that guarantee your product follows the regulations and measures aforementioned.

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