History of a garment: jeans

All the garments have their origin hundreds of years ago, some arising out of pure fashion, others out of necessity and others to break rules. Jeans are an element that has become a must in any wardrobe, a symbol of comfort and style. Has it always been like that? Or were they created for other purposes?

Learn about the history of jeans and how they evolved to the immense variety that we have today:


It all starts in the 1850s, in America, where mining and construction made workers like miners, farmers, or builders need sturdy clothing to work. In 1853 when, in the middle of the gold rush, the German Levi Strauss decided to settle in San Francisco in order to open a place to sell tents to miners. There he discovered that the prospectors had to solve a problem with their pants: the roughness of the work, plus the weight they carried in their pockets, caused them to constantly break.

So Levi Strauss began using canvas fabric from the shops to make sturdy brown pants that could be used for work. Later, together with the tailor Jacob Davis, this model was reinforced with copper rivets at the ends of the pockets and other parts.

Can you imagine the look and texture of those pants?


Meanwhile, in Europe, between Italy and France, specifically in Genoa and Nimes, fishermen in the area dyed a resistant fabric with an indigo pigment from India that they exported to America (and hint: this later gives rise to the popular cowboy from Levi Strauss).

As Jacobs didn't have the money to patent the idea, he proposed to Levi to do business together and on May 20, 1873 they received patent # 139,121 from the US Patent and Trademark Office and this is how the first pair of jeans was born, already from Denim color called model 501. Little by little it gained popularity, at first they didn't have a zipper or belt loops, those were elements that were added later.


It was between 1920 and 1930 that thanks to Hollywood actors, this garment began to become popular, inspiring citizens to wear them. By the Second World War, jeans were part of the supplies that the allied troops received.

Initially, jeans met the needs for rough work, however, years later in the 60's they became a symbol of rebellious youth with hippies and rockers, and in the '70s, the universal garment that didn't know differences of sex, class or race, thanks to feminists. In fact, in this decade, designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin or Kenzo, dared to timidly incorporate denim into their collections.

By the 80s, the big fashion houses began to make designs and textures and the factories introduced chemical washing techniques and began to manufacture them with gold applications, to accommodate new trends.

"The blue jean is the only garment that has united six generations"

And that is how jeans became a phenomenon decade after decade and today they are part of the history of all of us.


Currently, it's a garment that most of the population has in their wardrobe, due to its versatility and variety. It has undergone modifications such as the pocket watch, the pockets, etc. and there are also many designs such as skinny jeans, low rise jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans and more for each style and body type.

Which is your favorite type of jeans?

Curious fact

Did you know that the name of the Denim fabric comes from the city where this fabric was produced, in Nimes France? It was how it was heard in French to say that the material was “De Nimes”. Interesting!

And that was the story of how the first pair of jeans were created. Did you know this story? We hope you have enjoyed it and that you learned something new.

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