clothing and mood

Did you know that the outfits you create interfere with your brain's cognitive processes positively or negatively?

That's right! Colors, combinations and garments we choose affect our mood. Maybe you feel more down than normal lately and one of the factors that may be contributing to that is your clothes.

Discover more about the effects of clothes in our brain and change the way you dress in your favor: 

The power of fabrics and colors

We already know that depending on the color we choose to wear, is the image we show to the world. For example "use red if you wanna be seductive or pink if you wanna be sweet" but not everything has to do with appearances, on an internal level colors also play a very important role.

Talking about mental agility, this increases when the person is wearing white or light clothes, because our brain associates it with doctors' gowns. In addition, to present an exam, having outfits that cover your skin and bring you warmth throws better results than using uncomfortable clothes that show a lot of skin. Also, wearing colorful and patterned looks makes our brain think about creativity, disorder and multitasking as if you were an artist...

Clothes and their effect on our brain

Clothing manipulates and persuades our mental processes. Doctor Karen Prince says that when we wear jeans we feel sadder than normal, and we increase the depression by using them as we consider them a basic item and zero special in our looks.

Another example is when we buy clothes, especially if we love them, we feel more powerful and happy, as positive emotions are feeling are related to buying something new. Something similar happens with work clothes, when we look and feel elegant, automatically we become more productive and our motivation increases as we feel confident.

What do you think about it? Do you agree?

Remember to always wear outfits that make you happy and put you in a good mood, that confidence and self-trust not only reflect on the outside but also affect the inside. You should know with only thinking about it which garments make you doubt so get rid of them as soon as possible.

Health problems derived from our clothes

According to a study carried out by the British Chiropractic Association, 3/4 of the 1,062 studied women suffered back problems related to their fashion choices. Tight corsets, fabrics that damage the skin, heavy purses and accessories, jeans that prevent movements, among others are some examples that could cause health damages such as affect our posture, prevent a correct metabolism, and create muscular pain and tension. All of these end up affecting our bodies in an integral way.

There's nothing wrong with following trends our buying tight clothes. But once negative implications in the organism start, it is necessary to learn to identify it and find a balance between owning clothes we can and like to wear and clothes we need to let go of. So always ask yourself:

Is it comfortable or does it hurt? Could I wear it all day without any problem?

Final recommendations

Do you feel ready to start choosing your outfits consciously?

First, we recommend you choose your look one night before. Think calmly about how you will look, what activities are you going to realize and how do you want to feel taking into consideration all you've read by now. This is how you ensure your day starts the best possible way. 

Second, try to always add a touch of color, this will be the spark of energy and positivism to brighten up your mornings and remind you of all those good feelings. 

We invite you to apply everything you learned today and you'll see how the perception of your days changes! 

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Source: Harpeers Bazar