Best Mexican contemporary movies

Is it the weekend and you have nothing to watch? What better option than a Mexican movie?

Mexican cinema has a wide range of outstanding categories, comedies are overly humorous, dramas land well on themes giving them intrigue and thrillers are simply spectacular. Contemporary filmmakers, directors, and writers have produced high-quality films and enriched the industry by adding cultural diversity as well as unique storylines, completely changing expectations.

That’s why we will show you perfect Mexican movie options that you should see at least once in your life, either alone or with family, and of all genres so you don’t get bored:

New order (2020) Drama, thriller.

Social distance is increasingly marked. A high-society wedding is interrupted by the arrival of an unwelcome group of armed and violent rioters who are part of a larger revolution and take the guests as hostages.

Why you should watch it: Released the year of the pandemic, it is a film starting its heyday, winning the Silver Lion Grand Jury prize at the Venice International Film Festival. It deals with an unusual topic, the dystopian future of Mexico.

Nuevo orden


Instructions not included (2013) Comedy-drama.

Valentin lives in Acapulco and is afraid of commitment. Suddenly, it is saddled with a love child at his doorstep. He begins a trip to Los Angeles to find the mother and despite not speaking the language, manages to get a job. 7 years after, with a happy life, the mother reappears, changing the perfect life Valentin and his daughter had, exposing the truth he covered about the mother and finding his family threatened.Why you should watch it: A perfectly comedy-drama mix film that transmits strong feelings, and the plot twist at the end will leave you with tears in your eyes. The storyline is unique so it will catch you.

No se aceptan devoluciones


Amores perros (2000) Drama, Thriller.

A tragic car accident that connects three different stories: Octavio, a teenager who decides to run away with his brother’s wife, Daniel, a 40 year-old guy who leaves his family to live with a supermodel and “El Chivo”, a former guerrilla now hitman who expects nothing in life.

Why you should watch it: It has become a Mexican classic, wining various awards. It’s distinguished for making use of the multi-narrative hyperlink cinema style, mixing the three stories and generating emotion, intrigue and uncertainty.

Amores Perros


The perfect dictatorship (2014) Comedy, politic satire.

The plot involves the government, representing gaffes committed by the president and his allies at the media to divert attention and a governor paying millions to the same media to improve his image and become a suitable candidate for the presidency.

Why you should watch it: A lot of black humor. Although it exaggerates the existing problems in politics by making them very funny, at the end there is criticism that seeks attention and creates conscience about how things are handled.

Dictadura Perfecta


Cronos (1993) Fantasy, horror.

Cronos is a device designed by an alchemist in 1535 that provides eternal youth to its owner. The mysterious golden object is possessed by an antiquary, but the Guardian Angel knows the true powers of the artifact and it’s determined to get it.

Why you should watch it: It’s Guillermo del Toro’s first work, a magnificent story that gradually plunges you more and more into terror.



After Lucia (2012) Drama.

After losing her mother (Lucia) young Alejandra moves with his dad Roberto to the capital, Mexico City, in an attempt to erase their past and change their lives. Alejandra, being new to the school, begins to have problems with her classmates. The dad has a new job, but starting over is always complicated when you’ve left so much behind.

Why you should watch it: It’s a movie with a powerful narrative, which portrays bullying among adolescents and other current problems without falling into graphic exaggeration.

Después De Lucia


Which one caught your attention the most? We invite you to watch them all and tell us what you think! Also, let us know what other recommendations you would like to see.

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